In the spring of 2013, Sarah Butters, along with many other James Madison University students, went to Florida to celebrate spring break. After spending a day at the beach, Sarah and several of her college friends went back to her male friends’ lodging. By this time, Sarah was intoxicated. Instead of waking up with a hangover, […]

On a summer day in 1994, the residents of a small city in Ontario, Canada, became aware of a particularly high-risk repeat child molester who was being released per his sentence expiration. Upset and fearful of the potential danger this man posed, the community’s truculent response, consisting of picketing, 24-hour police surveillance, and intense media […]

When is the right time to talk to your child about giving and receiving sexual consent? This question subliminally pervades the subconscious of parents, many opting to put off the awkward conversation as long as possible. However, the sooner kids know about consent, the better they will fair.  Debra Herbenick, a sexual health educator at […]

SORL directors Drs. Calkins and Jeglic will be publishing an article in Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment written with former Student Stephanie Clark.  The article examines fortteurism and exhibitionism in NYC. Abstract Despite indications that acts of frotteurism and exhibitionism are frequent occurrences, these sexual paraphilias have received little empirical attention. To […]

At a recent SORL meeting, the interesting case of Patty Wetterling was brought up. Wetterling is nationally known as the mother of an abducted child and fierce advocate for legislation designed to prevent sex crimes. Ms Wetterling’s story is particularly intriguing because, as of fairly recently, she has become more of a harsh critic of […]