Dr. Calkins-Mercado and Robert Beattey recently published an article in Monitor on Psychology on hebephilia and SVP civil commitments.  The article, “Is that ‘normal’ behavior” is available here.

This study aims to analyze perceptions of sex offenders by the public, how they are viewed, as well as to study inherent stereotyped biases associated with sex offenders. Participants will be viewing single images of sex offenders and non-sex offenders in an effort to determine if it is possible to recognize a sexual offender by […]

An Exploration of Crossover Sexual Offending. Kleban H, Chesin MS, Jeglic EL, Mercado CC. Abstract Studies have produced equivocal findings regarding whether sex offenders are stable in their choice of victims. Indeed, it remains unclear whether a sex offender’s subsequent victims are typically of the same gender, age range, and victim-perpetrator relationship as that of […]

Sex Abuse. 2012 Jun 1. [Epub ahead of print] An Examination of Suicide Attempts Among Incarcerated Sex Offenders. Jeglic EL, Spada A, Mercado CC.   Little is known about suicide attempts among sex offenders. This study examines the rates of nonfatal suicide attempts among a sample (N = 3,030) of incarcerated male sex offenders. Overall, […]