John Vaccaro

John Vaccaro has been in SORL for three years and is currently completing a Master’s Thesis with Dr. Cynthia Calkins. He is also a member of the Mental Health Recovery Research Lab His research interests include the treatment and rehabilitation of sexual offenders as well as stigma and recovery of those with serious mental illnesses. He plans to work conducting research and aiding in reintegration programs for several years before going on to obtain his Doctorate in Forensic Psychology.

John is also part of a group of students (Julia Campregher, Michelle Rosselli, and Kyle Meditz) that has designed and is currently implementing a Circle of Support and Accountability-based intervention for at risk sexual offenders. The purpose is to smooth the transition into the community for sexual offenders in hopes of increasing stability and decreasing risk of future criminal behavior. The team is planning to take the pilot study data and design a Randomized Controlled Trial beginning in the fall of 2015.